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Pewter vs. Zinc

Different metals, different finishes
Both have their applications

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How our products are made

Photos of 20 steps in the process

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2D vs. 3D

Raised/Recessed vs. Fully Sculpted

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Plating Finishes

10 choices with and without color

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Shapes & Designs

See more examples

Artwork Specs

We'll take care of everything!

If you have an artist, great, here are the specs.

Copyright / Trademark

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Standard Colors

22 Standard colors, or we can do color matching

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Standard Fonts

21 Standard fonts which work well in metal

You can choose someting different if needed

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Sample Clipart

Thousands of clipart samples to get you started

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Some customer comments
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Custom pewter ornaments Custom bright plated ornaments Custom antique plated ornaments Custom 3d sculpted ornaments Custom assorted ornaments
Fine Pewter Bright Plated Antique Plated 3D Sculpted Sample Designs
Tell us about your product - get a price See sample projects Tips and Tools
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